Solarland 20 Amp 12/24V Charge Controller


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Solarland 20 Amp 12/24V Charge Controller
  • Reverse polarity & high/low voltage battery protection
  • Output current & short circuit protection
  • LED display shows system status at all times
  • ON/OFF load switch at front of controller for convenience


Solarland 20 Amp 12/24V Charge Controller

Solarland®’s NR Series solar PWM charge controllers are an excellent solution for small-scale solar power systems.  They are user-friendly in two ways: they are easy to install and include a intuitive displays that allow users to quickly understand the status of the controller and battery charging.

Solarland 20A Specifications:

 Model No.  SLC-NR2420A
 Rated Voltage  12V/24V
 Rated Current  20A
 Low Voltage Disconnection  10.7V/21.4V ± 0.2V
 Low Voltage Reconnection  12.6V/25.2V ± 0.2V
 Over-Voltage Disconnection  15.5V/31V
 Over-Voltage Reconnection  15.0V/30V
 Size  6.61″ x 3.46″ x 1.34″
(168mm x 88mm x  34mm)
 Weight  9.70oz


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