Felicity solar Hybrid Inverter 10KVA 24V (8KW)

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Felicity solar Hybrid Inverter 10KVA 24V (8KW)
  1. Model No: FL-IVPM10048-3500VA
  2. Rating: 10KVA 48V Low Frequency
  3. Nominal DC Input Voltage 48v
  4. Can Expand 6pcs in parallel (Can Make 3 phase)
  5. RS-232 communication interface.
  6. Built-In 120A MPPT


Felicity solar Hybrid Inverter 10KVA 24V (8KW) comes along with several features and advantages as outlined below:-

  1. Bypass charging function,AC charge available when the unit off
  2. 90-280V AC Widely input voltage
  3. Grid electricity and battery power priority is optional.
  4. Higher charge current and adjustable
  5. Communicate with our MPPT charge controller.
  6. Felicity solar Hybrid Inverter 10KVA 24V (8KW) has Intelligent protection, high-class security.

Felicity solar Hybrid Inverter 10KVA 24V (8KW)


Model IVPM10048
DC Input Voltage 48V
Rated output power(VA) 10000VA  8000W
Rated output power(W) 8000W
Input voltage waveform Sine(public facility or generator)
Rated input voltage 220vac
Grid low voltage 90Vac±7Vac  
Grid low voltagerecovery voltage 100Vac±7Vac  
Grid high voltage 280Vac±7Vac
Grid high voltage recovery voltage 270Vac±7Vac 
Max input voltage 280Vrms
Rated input frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid underfrequency 40±1Hz
Grid underfrequency recovery 42±1Hz
Grid overfrequency 65±1Hz
Grid overfrequency recovery 43±1Hz
Output waveform Synchronize with input voltage
Overload protection Air switch protection
Output short circuit protection Air switch protection
Efficiency(grid) ≥95%
Switching time(AC TO DC) 15ms Typical value
Switching time(DC TO AC) 15ms Typical value/30ms special value
Through battery free NO
Grid max bypass current 60A
Charging parameter
Rated input voltage 220Vac
Input voltage range 90-280Vac
Rated voltage output Depending on batty type
Max charging current 80A
Adjustable charging current range 0-80A
Initial voltage of the battery Breaker
Charging short circuit current 63A
Breaker size Dependent on battery type or self-defined
Overcharge protection Yes
MPPT Charging&Grid Charging(MPPT built-in controller is option)
Max PV open circuit voltage 195V
PV voltage working range 60-195VDC
Max input power 6600W
Max mains charging current 120A
Max charging current(mains+solar energy) 200A


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