Felicity OPZV 2V 1000AH Battery

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Felicity OPZV 2V 1000AH Battery

2v 1000ah Opzv Solar Battery With Immobilized Gel And Tubular Plate Technology

20 Years Long Life Gel Solar System Tubular Vrla Opzv 2v 1000ah Battery,High Reliability and Quality lead acid battery with Longer Service Life , it is the best choice of solar system




Felicity OPZV 2V 1000AH Battery

The OPzV series is designed with a gel electrolyte and a tubular positive plate. It also has the advantages of a valve-regulated battery (maintenance-free) and an open-cell battery (floating charge / cycle life). It is particularly suitable for use with a backup time of 1 to 20 hours. Because it is not limited by the use environment or maintenance conditions, the OPzV series is suitable for environments with large temperature differences and unstable grids, or renewable energy storage systems that have been in an electrical state for a long time.

Product Advantages:


♦20 years design floating charge service life
♦5000times cycle at 25% Deepth of Discharge
♦Wide suitability of ambient temperature range :-25℃~60℃
♦Low self discharge
♦High recharge efficiency and good deep discharge performance


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