Felicity 540W Mono Crystal Solar Panel

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Felicity 540W Mono Crystal Solar Panel

Model: FL-H-540W

540W High Efficiency Best Home Solar Energy Panel

  • Improve the durability of solar panels.
  • Higher output rating than common solar PV.
  • Lower mechanical stress and lower cracking potential.
  • Bypass installation area restrictions.
  • High shading efficiency.


Felicity 540W Mono Crystal Solar Panel


*Antireflective glass

*Self-cleaning function

*Module eficiency is increased by 2%

*Service life is as long as 25 years

*Translucency of normal luminance is increased by 2%

Solar Cell

*Uniform color

*High PID resistant

*Low breakage rate

*High shunt-resistance

*High model efficiency up to 20.8%


* Conventional frame

* Seal-lip design glue injection

*Silver or black frames are optional

* Serrated-clip design tensile strength

* Boost bearing capability and prolong service life

Junction Box

*Heat dissipation

*Long service life

*>IP65 protection level

*Innovative Full-Glue-Filled

*Waterproofness Junction Box


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